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Helpful Apps Software Company by “Samuel Minale”

Software Company

Helpful Apps Software Company by “Samuel Minale”

Helpful APPs software company is established by Enterprunar Samuel Minale in 2014 to develop APPs, Games, and Software with a mission of developing APPs, Games & Software which will have a helpful direct impact in the day to day life of millions of  peoples.

Helpful Apps Software Company

Samuel Develop’s amazing APPs, Games & Websites.

check him out goolge play

Check out some of his free Mobile APPs

Ethio Telecom in Easy Mode – ኢትዮ ቴሎኮምን በቀላሉ

An App for Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation (EthioTelecom) Customers, the App contains most of the services for SIM card related issues.

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Reverse Math – Think Twice (4Anyone Kids + Adults)

Android Application which has mathematical equations with the four fundamentals of math’s addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. For single or Two Players.

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Ethiopian Sign Language Alphabet for Amharic Lang.

An APP  used to Learn Ethiopian Sign Language Alphabet for Amharic and English language including how to read loud sound for each alphabet and numbers.

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Puzzle: Ethiopian Tourist Attraction Sites

Fun and easy Puzzle Game,To get the details of Ethiopian tourist attraction destination sites you have to Play & Win the given Puzzle!! and then the Attraction site will be unlocked for you

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Motivational Quotes on Success

In this APP you will get Motivational Quotes which will give you inspirations from people who have been there and done remarkably well, this timeless Motivational Quotes  are helpful, motivating, useful and some are funny quotes on success.

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Awesome Quotes

In this APP there are Hundreds of Top Quotes  which talks mostly about Love, Friendship, Work, Family, the Internet and also so many other titles with animated pictures of the guys that we know in Animation movies which makes your day for sure,

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Holy Pictures of Orthodox Tewahedo Church

This APP contains more than 140 different Holy Pictures of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Holy Saints, Holy Angels, Holy Fathers, Holy Mothers and Holy Pictures of God.

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Small Business Ideas for Ethiopia

A list of categorized Small Business Entrepreneurship Ideas like Side Business Ideas, Business ideas with low Investment capital, Small Startup Money Business, Categorized Business Ideas … and also some kind of questions which will help you to choose the best business idea.

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ETH: Tourist Attraction Sites

Recognizing this facts even if the country has all the natural beauty and attraction sites which can make visitors delighted, however the main goal of this App is also helping Ethiopia become the number one tourist destination in the world.

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Kenyan Telecom Services in Easy Mode

An App for Kenyan Telecommunication Corporations Customers especially for
• Safaricom,
• Airtel,
• Orange and
• Yu Customers.

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Recharge Master – Scan card & Top Up using Camera

Recharge Master: Mobile card recharger, before this APP, when you want to recharge your phone you have to write all the numbers which are listed on the scratched card without creating errors But after installing this APP this thing will be over for you.

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Tianshi Business Group Tiens

Offers information on Tianshi business and products. It facilitates smart business style by providing various functions and easy operation. This Tiens App also contains training for anybody who wants to be a network marketer like the eight building blocks of any business.

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About us

Helpful APPs software company is established in 2014 to develop APPs, Games, and Softwares.

Our mission

Developing APPs, Games & Software which will have a helpful direct impact in the day to day life of millions of  peoples.

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